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By using data freely and fairly,

we can change this world.


What’s the role of data in the market? We start from rethinking this fundamental question.It is not about some participants in the financial market, nor about some players focusing on their investment growth.
It is about all of us, who are fighting for survival in this age.

Here we offer this program called KOMPAS, based on a unique forecasting formula which is developed on a Nobel prize-winning theory. We are confident that KOMPAS will be a strong weapon to open up a road in the market for you.
Our purpose is to deliver effective data to individuals who need them to expand the market, or to develop manufacturing processes, etc. We believe we can change the society, the world, and the future if everyone is able to use data freely and fairly.

KOMPAS is an independent program based on real market experience and is derived from AI by breaking down 22-dimensional elements to predict the near future. We are looking forward to introducing more about this program to you.

This is the beginning of a great adventure to utilize data more freely and fairly. KOMPAS is built to be your compass to guide you in this Great Voyage.