We set up KOMPAS to see the near future.
Our consulting service based on our forecast program can help your business from various areas.
What we value most is “to be with our clients”.
Problem is easy to see no matter what we think. Objective is easy to lose sight of, though we have it in our heart.
However, objective is always beyond the problem.
In order to achieve the objective with our client, to find the best solution for our client, we fully utilize all our knowledge of various aspects and act with our client.
Let’s embrace the near future!


for soceity
For social justice, create value and contribute to the social development

for cliant
Stand by our client,live up to client’s expectations and create value

From vision to service
Always look at the truth, face the facts, look to the best and make the best choice. We respect our colleagues and keep on studying. We put all our best to reach our client’s expectations.

From service to business
We arrange the flow from past, now to the future, create value with our clients and take responsibility to the next step.

Company Information

Business Name
Kompas co. Ltd.
Ohi Takeaki
Business Service
Consulting Business, AI Business, E-commerce Business
E-mail Address
Corporate Web site

Headquarters Office addressQ
18-5, Kabuto-Cyo, Nihonbashi, Cyuou-Ku, Tokyo-To, JP
TEL (+81)03-6421-3899

Niigata office
4-3, Kobariminami, Nishi-Ky, Niigata-Shi, Niigata-Ken, JP
TEL (+81)025-266-5002