Forecast price of Nikkei225 index

NIKKEI 225 index(updated every 08:00 JST)

Forecast the closing price of the Nikkei 225 on the day


USD/JPY(updated every 08:00 JST)

Forecast value of the USD/JPY rate of 8:00 JST tomorrow

Other forecast value

The forecasting value which are the high, low, open and close price in the next session
The forecasting value which is upper or lowwe limit of the high price in the next session


The assuming maximum risk and return (%) when you have this financial product until the end of the next session
The percentage of expected trend (%) in next session


The optimal holding ratio(%) in total asset value,
Trends due to the target product itself, Trends due to factors other than the target products
Risk of variable factors that cannot be clarified

It can be used in many other business fields.
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